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Sir Yancelot

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ML 320 Alignment
Posted: Dec 1, 2003 11:45 PM
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I am a beginner alignment tech. The other day I was asked to align an ML 320 (I forget what year it was, but I know it was produced within the last two or three years).

My alignment machine (an old FMC) didn't have the specs for the ML320 so I adjusted the front and rear toe to 0 degrees.

Where are the camber adjustments on the vehicle? Also, was adjusting the vehicle to 0 toe a proper thing to do? What are the alignment specs for that vehicle? Should I handle all Mercedes' alignments different than other vehicles?

I realize I'm awfully green when it comes to this so any help is greatly appreciated.

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Re: ML 320 Alignment
Posted: Dec 5, 2003 6:45 PM   in response to: Sir Yancelot in response to: Sir Yancelot
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I don't want to sound like i'm knocking you or anything, but Mercedes alignments are VERY particular on the settings, more so than any other car line I have worked on. All specs very on all models with different options because of veichle weight, tire size, and ride height. If all of these are not within a given parameter, the alignment will be incorrect. I have seen incorrectly aligned car destroy a set of tires in 5000 miles because the tech didn't set veichle ride height prior to aligning. This cause the camber to be so far out that the tires outer inch of tred was bald in a month. Mercedes also requires a truly level alignment rack for the dealers to perform their alignments(we just replace ours because it wasn't guaranteed to be 100% level) an offset of weight could cause a ride height variant and again, the alignment would be out. Basically, if you don't have the equipment, or specs, don't do the repair.

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Re: ML 320 Alignment
Posted: Aug 20, 2006 3:44 PM   in response to: Sir Yancelot in response to: Sir Yancelot
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Hi Guys, I need help!
I took my ML320 (98) to a local wheel alignment shop as my car was veering to left while driving. I also got my tires changed few months back and found excessive tire wear on my front left tire (outboard tread). Mechanic told me that my front right tire camber was out by few degrees (-0.2) and right front toe by 0.36. He only adjusted the front right wheel Toe and told me that there is NO wheel alignment for rear wheels and also camber adjustment is not required.
Can any one please advise whether
1- There is rear wheel alignment and if yes where is the toe adjustment screw.
2- How to get the camber adjust.

After wheel alignment my car is still veering towards left. Any advice is appreciated.

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Re: ML 320 Alignment
Posted: Aug 21, 2006 3:09 AM   in response to: Benzo98 in response to: Benzo98
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For the front axle pdf's are attached.
For the rear axle please see:


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