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Audi A6 1998-2004, S6 2002 and later, allroad 2001 and later, rs6 2003 and later (C5) '99 2.8 a6 AHA Catastrophic Oil Leak

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'99 2.8 a6 AHA Catastrophic Oil Leak
Posted: Nov 13, 2014 12:29 PM
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Hey Guys, Our beloved a6 avant, the one that we thought would live forever, just suffered a major aneurysm. With 340k km she was still going strong, but no longer. Yesterday morning was fairly cold, -10c, I started her up and left her running to warm up. Ten minutes later my wife heard a knocking noise and noticed a large pool of oil on the ground and shut her off. I jacked her up, pulled the belly pan and had a good look. I couldn't see anything obvious so I suspected that maybe the oil cooler gasket had blown out. I loosened the oil cooler and had a look. The nut wasn't very tight so I thought maybe that's it. Being in the 'sticks' I had no parts but did have some red silicon gasket maker. So I applied some silicon on the rubber gasket and put it back together. I managed to find five litres of oil and put it in and started her up. A heavy stream of oil, maybe the thickness of my little finger, was pouring out. And the engine had some noticeable knocks. So I'm pretty sure she's done for... but where could the leak be coming from? Perhaps the oil pressure sender has ruptured... or could there be an oil galley plug that's popped out of the block?
This doesn't seem to be a common problem; has anyone any ideas? Thanks /PL

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Re: '99 2.8 a6 AHA Catastrophic Oil Leak
Posted: Dec 20, 2017 7:42 AM   in response to: BitBasher in response to: BitBasher
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