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Volkswagen EuroVan: 1992-2003 (T4) help bentley diagram 32/4 page x260 ev 92-99 and when was my car made?

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help bentley diagram 32/4 page x260 ev 92-99 and when was my car made?
Posted: May 16, 2014 5:40 PM
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I need help with this related to obd. There are a couple 2 wire connectors that tag off the obd k and L (white) socket. The diagram referenced shows t2c and t2b each with 2 wires. Only t2c/2 shows wires leading from the connector (grey and white to ECU terminal 32). The diagram shows the other wires simply go to the connector and dead end. I don't get it.

On my vehicle one 2 prong connector only has the grey/white wire coming out. The other has the grey/white and yellow and I can see those 2 going to the wire jacket leading through the firewall and a assume to the ECU.

The wiring of this circuit on the vehicle looks a little more like the CA. Leading to my second question. Model Year 93. We know that means could have been built in 92 or 93. How can I tell. I do have the AAF code on the paper plate. I cannot tell what the rest means but somewhere I should be able to tell.

And finally, does the wiring diagram index refer to model year or manufacture year?

Thanks in advance.

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