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Audi 5000: 1984-1988, 100, 200: 1989-1991 (C3) 91 Audi 200 20VTQ Fuel pump issues. Short or failure?

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91 Audi 200 20VTQ Fuel pump issues. Short or failure?
Posted: May 11, 2014 2:29 PM
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So driving on the road the other day my gas pedal stopped working, after tinkering around i found that my FP fuse had blown. Replaced it attempted to start with no luck and checked fuse...blown again. Got towed home and i am now trying to figure out what is going on.

According to the previous owner. This pump was replaced at 102k and the car currently has 136k on it.

I referenced SJM and ran the relay check on pins 46-50 and 48-50 on the fuel pump relay and got a readout of 11.94V I want to see +12V but my battery was weak from running flashers for 2 hours while waiting for a tow.
I also ran 46-47 and attempted to crank the car. I read 8.9V and i want at least 9.5 again this could be from a weak battery.

I checked continuity at the top electrical connection to the fuel pump and 3 out of 4 wires where showing good. 1 wire. The purple/black color was showing nothing.

I also turned the car and same case. I was getting 9.4-9.8V at 3/4 wires. Same wire with nothing.

Im not too knowledgeable about the FP on this car so im not sure if 3/4 is okay or if i am getting a short somewhere. I would like to eliminate that before i purchase a new pump.

I know i can bypass the Relay to turn on the pump, But im not sure if that is safe to do if my pump is in fact shot.

Thanks to all who can help

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