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Audi A6 1998-2004, S6 2002 and later, allroad 2001 and later, rs6 2003 and later (C5) Engine Knock

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"The Pav"

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Engine Knock
Posted: Jan 18, 2014 12:15 AM
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Hope I didn't really screw up. Purchased an Allroad last month. Prior to purchase I had it put up on a rack and inspected. The normal for a car with 135K few oil leaks, air suspension issues, but otherwise pretty clean. Guy wanted 5600 and I bought it for 4600. We were both satisfied. On the way home ( after about 30 miles the red oil can lite came on. Since we didn't get a manual with the car, I figured it must be something serious since it also alarmed. Pulled over and turned it off. Checked the oil level on the stick and it was full.Engine temp was normal, I believe the oil temp was under 200F. We continued to drive it the remainder of the way home about another 90 miles checking it frequently. It seemed fine.

We had the car in our garage since mid November working on various things like Tie Rods, Suspension.and replace the temp/oil level sensor. Did an oil change with 5w30 Synthetic oil, and after I started the car there loud knocking that came from both sides of the engine. After it idled for a while the knock started to dissipate but not completely. That evening I Blogged an Audi site and someone told me that if they sit for a while it takes some time for the oil to move around. Yesterday I took the car in for an alignment and the knocking was loud again. This front end alignment guy (Who only does alignments) told me the knocking was something I should be concerned about. He called me today and told me he did some research and found that a mesh screen could be clogged within the engine.

He was nice enough to let me use his screw in pressure tester so I can check the pressure at the sensor behind the filter housing. Where is this screen? Must I pull the oil pump to get to it? I notice on the pic of the new pump there is a mesh screen as part of the pump, is that the screen?

I will check the pressure tomorrow and hopefully it will read about 28 at a normal temp at idle and about 60 at 2000 rpm. Am I on the right track??? and if the pressure is lower what is my next step?
Please help.
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Re: Engine Knock
Posted: Jan 29, 2014 8:56 AM   in response to: "The Pav" in response to: "The Pav"
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Hello, I'm sorry to hear of your issues with your new vehicle. I believe if you have not already researched this, that the screens you are referring to are in the camshaft adjusters on your engine. Allroad engines are known for having the adjusters, fail, leak oil, and also have the intake screens clog, all of which leads to cam shaft adjustment issues. I would use a scan tool to check actual versus specified camshaft timing. Unfortunately timing repairs on that model require that the engine/transmission unit be dropped from the vehicle. There could be other causes of your noise, however the adjuster issues are well known on this model. I hope this helps.

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