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Audi A6 2005 and later (C6) 05 A6 Quattro Steering Column Transponder failure Solution?

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05 A6 Quattro Steering Column Transponder failure Solution?
Posted: Jan 8, 2014 9:11 PM
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Cold weather not frigged low to mid 30'S go out to start the A6 it unlocks with remote, open the door interior lights come on, dash info in red (mileage, time, date, put the key in, MMI screen comes on, radio on, turn key and nothing, steering still locked, no power to windows, parking brake won't release, can't move shift out of park, sound familiar. Scroll through the MMI car setup only setting lit is Battery meter but ours read 100 all bars on graph lit, vin info, couple other trivial settings nothing else. Happened to us four times, Late fall, early winter 2012 and now late fall early winter 2013.
First thought check battery voltage, a little low 12.4 volts but not to bad, jump it still no good nothing when turning the key. Get out the manual, go straight to fuse information and check fuses, links, etc. Looks good nothing blown. Start thumbing through the manual and they even list the problem the steering and or key pic on dash, but that's if your driving read further, and then the message bring it to dealer transponder in steering column access start module problem blah, blah, blah, etc. TAKE VEHICLE TO DEALER ASAP, (solution replace steering column, program transponder module with vehicle information) DEPENDING ON DIFFERENT VARIABLES EXPECT REPAIR TOTAL ANYWHERE FROM $$$ 1800 to 3500 dollars not including towing or any other processes needed to get the vehicle to the service dept.
I have a chance from a reputable Atl salvage company to purchase a good condition steering
column with transponder/module, the ignition components and matching keys,
with a one year garantee against defects. I welcome someone who has
either done this successfully or knows someone who has done it and it is
true that it will work to reply asap if possible. I really would like to know before I shell out for the parts and installation.
Tens of thousands of Audi owners have had the same issues, and have posted on forums, blogs, and chat rooms, same problems a little different terminology and different Audi years and models. Audi for years has been keeping everybody associated in the servicing of Audi products economically thriving from call centers, to wrecker services, to mobile mechanics, to Audi dealer parts centers, to proprietory vehicle component programing, to mega dollar parts replacements as no choice resolutions from Audi service departments, to the equivelent of 21st century sub par Atari 2600 game design engineers that get to put the cool toy electronic devices with crappy series designed ( series = Xmas tree light technology, one light bulb fries they all turn off) engineered control circuit systems, and inconveniently placed, and non accessible electronic modules purposely integrated into expensive almost no fail mechanical components, or electronic modules put in areas of the vehicle where they have a considerably higher chance to fail prematurely. The cars best engineering is in the design for very appealing looks, and in the very responsive handling and interior comfort level, Because of electrical reliability issues, I have changed my faith in ownership to a short lease don't buy option if there is ever a next time.
Audi should re engineer the parking brake release issue, there should be an emergency tow release procedure to go along with the shift lever release procedure. It will save a bunch off the towing of these type vehicles.

Audi should re engineer predictive maintenance component replacement for easier service accessibilty and parts replacement.

Audi should seperate electronic module components that have higher failure probability, from longer life mechanical systems that tend to last much longer in time and mileage and locate them where service can access them easier. " Audi could use this in marketing as improving the environment through waste reduction and reducing pollution."

Audi should start engineering more parallel circuitry into the design to run the electronics, to avoid having as many single component failure vehicle disabled issues. "More positive marketing solutions."

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