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Audi 80, 90, Coupe: 1988-1992 (B3) Replacement Driver side Engine Mount 1993 AUDI 90 with AHH engine

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Replacement Driver side Engine Mount 1993 AUDI 90 with AHH engine
Posted: Jan 4, 2014 10:12 PM
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Since I did not find any post on this subject and the Bentley manual does not cover this topic I am giving a brief description on how I executed this repair. In this model 90 the rubber engine mount is incorporated into the bracket requiring the removal of the bracket and mount as a whole. The passenger side engine mount also incorporated in the bracket but is a straightforward repair.
I began by putting an engine support bar in place in order to lift engine. I also placed a hydraulic jack under the engine with a 2x6 to push engine upwards. Make sure to unbolt the front engine mount otherwise lifting the engine is not possible. In order to gain access to the driver side engine mount I had to remove the oil cooler and the A/C compressor (see Bentley manual for the four bolts' location). I did not evacuate the A/C system since I only needed to move the compressor forward. I obviously removed the serpentine belt, drained the coolant and engine oil. Now I had enough room to loosen the bolt (17 mm) holding the mount to the engine bracket. I used a 17 mm flat swivel ratchet wrench. Then I removed the three bolts (16 mm) holding the mount bracket to the body. I removed the wheel to gain better access to the wheel well. I also had to detach the electrical wire clamp bolted to the bracket. As well as a small heat shield bolted with two screws to the mount bracket located on the backside (towards firewall). I gained access by removing the exhaust from the exhaust manifold. The engine needs to be lifted high enough to tilt the engine mount in order to clear the engine bracket. When installing the new engine mount I also tilted it sideways so that the screw on the engine mount aligned with the hole on the engine bracket. I installed the new engine mount without the heat shield since it interfered with tilting the bracket. I later reattached the heat shield when I had the mount in place.

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