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Porsche 996 updates?

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Posted: Dec 16, 2013 5:39 PM
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I have registered this book thinking that there might be updates or error corrections online. But I haven't found any updates for the book. I have, however found some errors in the book:

On page 37-12 the illustration P9053707 is for the earlier trasnmission as shown correctly on page 37-7. The torque value seems correct - at least it differ from page 37-7.

On page 39-16 it is stated that 85w-90 gear oil should be used. Are you sure? All other sources I can find says 75w-90.

On page 39-3 it is stated that "Liqui-Moly" grease should be applied. Liqui-Moly is a brand and they manufacture about a dozen different types of grease. Which one should I grab next time I visit my favorite supplier?

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Re: updates?
Posted: Dec 19, 2013 8:46 AM   in response to: obk in response to: obk
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Hey thanks for posting here to ask about any updates for our manual. We actually are looking at changing the art in the automatic transmission section to show the transmission you are referencing. I will be going through and changing the images and this will be posted on our tech info site. We always appreciate when a customer brings something to our attention that they believe may be incorrect, missing, or needs further details. We often make changes based on these questions. Here is a link to our tech info section if you have not already been there:


You can check back here for any updates that we make to the manual that may not be in your edition. We do sometimes change the books between printings, and we post the changes so you can include them in your manual. As stated we look forward to feedback about our manuals, by registering your manual you already have access to the support center where you can contact us directly with questions or suggestions. This allows us to electronically attach your question or suggestion to the information for the next printing of the manual, showing us where the source of the query came from. Your question will also come directly to the support center versus posting on a forum which may not always get checked.

As for the oil viscosity and lubricant, we have found its difficult to put oil viscosity in a manual because they are subject to change often. Porsche especially is often changing their approved fluids list so the spec that was used to write the book may not match what is approved today, or next year. For any lubricants that you may have a question about, it is always best to check with the dealer if you have any questions. Also you may find that what people recommend as being the best from experience is actually different than the manufacturer recommends on paper. Currently Porsche does recomend 75/90 weight oil for the differential, so again we will be changing this in the book. The grease you ask about is difficult because in Porsche repair instructions they use the brand of grease, not the type. The parts catalog then shows the grease with the image of the part, again referencing its brand and a part number. All Porsche lubricants and many German lubricants for that matter, are printed with a brand and P/N, unfortunately not a description of the actual grease. Being a Porsche technician however, I can tell you that in the case of the axle seals, a small amount of "Clear" lithium grease will be fine for installing, simply fill the indent of the seal.
Please let me know if you have any further questions, and feel free to contact us directly through the support center with any further suggestions going ahead.


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