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Volkswagen Vanagon: 1980-1991 (T3) Hot Front Brakes

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Hot Front Brakes
Posted: Nov 29, 2013 4:23 PM
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Hi all, I just did a rotor/bearing/pad retro on my '89, it went smoothly and driving 2 blocks they get really hot. I did not replace the calipers and now wish I had, I feel the caliper is not retracting or springing back enough to relieve the pads and causing the problem. So today, I pulled the driver's side apart and cleaned and lubed the caliper pins, I didn't get into the piston at all, put it all back together and I swear it feels tighter now than before!! This holiday weekend I have no one to call and I'm at the end of my rope here.. Anything I'm missing?? Break the line to get some slight relief?? Drive it in the ocean?? :)
Any help much appreciated..

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Re: Hot Front Brakes
Posted: Nov 30, 2013 8:39 AM   in response to: dakineguy in response to: dakineguy
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It could be crud / corrosion buildup in the calipers, especially if you haven't been changing the brake fluid regularly (moisture builds up in it), but it could also be the rubber brake lines. When they get old they sometimes swell inside, closing off the inner tube. The high pressure from the pedal will force fluid through to the wheels, but the "spring" of the piston seals can't force the fluid back.
Try bleeding while trying to push the piston back. If it pushes back while bleeding it may be the hoses need replacement.

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