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Volkswagen Jetta, Golf, GTI: 1999-2005, R32: 2004 (A4) Running rich, SAI sounds like a shop vac. throwing P0420, p0411, p1165, p04

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Running rich, SAI sounds like a shop vac. throwing P0420, p0411, p1165, p04
Posted: Nov 27, 2013 4:24 PM
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Pardon the lengthy post, I hope someone can help! I am somewhat pressed to pass California emissions after completing a full rebuild on my 2000 gti with the 12v AFP vr6. It now has a DRC 268 camshaft and a bunch of other goodies. But the CEL is on and I can't pass SMOG . I've included a scan at the bottom from my VCDS.

I am fairly certain that the catalyst needs to be replaced. The car came with a techtonics 2" downpipe and borla catback and one of their catalytic converters. Car was running pig rich when I bought it three years ago and I'm thinking that all the running rich probably fouled the catalyst. It was a while before I replaced the coolant temp sensor that was causing the rich condition, and by then the cat and sensors were likely fouled. Front o2 sensor replaced within the last two years, rear replaced last year during rebuild.

The car also sounds like a shop vac at start up, a high pitched, turbine sound for about thirty seconds after a cold start and sometimes kicks on at idle while the car is still warming up. I'm thinking the SAI pump is bad or leaking. I noticed that the MAF to air box hose was not fastened with screws, so I just fixed that and will retest. The currugated SAI pump hose from top of ignition coil module to the airbox was missing both o-rings, so I just installed new ones.

I'm not getting any codes that would lead me to believe I need to replace the the SAI solenoid n112 (failed, replaced last year after rebuild) or the IMT valve or the combi valve. I've heard about a purge valve (http://www.ecstuning.com/Volkswagen-...System/ES3447/) that can fail and trigger p0411 but I can't find the location of this component or information about testing it in the Bentley manual. I also replaced all of the small braided and hard plastic vacuum lines to the solenoids/valves/etc when I did my rebuild. I cannot see if the SAI pump rivets have separated without putting the front carrier into service position.

Can anyone offer any help? THANKS!

VCDS -- Windows Based VAG/VAS Emulator
VCDS Version: Release 12.12.0 (x64)
Data version: 20130910

Mileage: 239390km-148750mi Repair Order:

Chassis Type: 1J - VW Golf/Bora IV (1998 > 2006)
Scan: 01 02 03 08 15 16 17 19 22 29 35 36 37 39 46 47 55 56 57 75

Mileage: 239390km/148750miles

Address 01: Engine Labels: 021-906-018-AFP.lbl
Part No: 021 906 018 M
Component: MOTRONIC ME7.1 G V04
Coding: 00031
Shop #: WSC 07235
VCID: 1831345878425ADE4C3-515A

5 Faults Found:
16804 - Catalyst System; Bank 1
P0420 - 35-00 - Efficiency Below Threshold
16795 - Secondary Air Injection System
P0411 - 35-00 - Incorrect Flow Detected
17573 - Long Term Fuel Trim Additive Air; Bank 1; Range 1
P1165 - 35-00 - System too Rich
16826 - EVAP Emission Control Sys
P0442 - 35-00 - Small Leak
16897 - Incorrect Immobilizer Key
P0513 - 35-10 - - Intermittent
Readiness: 0000 0000
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