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Volkswagen Air-Cooled VW: 1952-1979 air cooled vw sandrail

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jon boy

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air cooled vw sandrail
Posted: Oct 6, 2013 9:52 PM
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just bought my first sandrail, previous owner rewired it, ran good first day , wouldn't start next day, tried push starting it, wouldn't start but coil got super hot, got a light spark off coil to ground but no start, it was back firing a little yesterday, sound like coil? buggy was only driven a couple of times since rewire. next question, alt is wired with 2 wires to B pos on coil , one to pos terminal on solenoid and other to ign swtch and nothing to D pos. terminal on alt., is this right? would it charge this way? could this have burned out coil?

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Re: air cooled vw sandrail
Posted: Oct 12, 2013 8:42 PM   in response to: jon boy in response to: jon boy
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For wiring that "applies" to your engine (or will help), look for it here:


Ignition points or electronic ignition?

If points, are they on the correct side of the coil?

Quick check of the operation of the points:


Being a sandrail, does everything have a good ground?

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