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Volkswagen Rabbit, GTI: 2006 and later (A5G) A/C High Pressure Sensor (G65) circuit issues...

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A/C High Pressure Sensor (G65) circuit issues...
Posted: Apr 5, 2013 4:01 PM
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Car: 2007 GTI Fahrenheit
Prior data: Purchased car used. A/C not working.
  • Fault code 00819 - High Pressure Sensor (G65) 009 - Open or Short to Ground.
  • Found harness completely cut approx 3" from the sensor (it was ate through by a belt, leaving all 3 wires exposed and cut on both ends).
  • Wires were soldered / shrink wrapped.
  • Reset fault code but it immediately returns. This happens with both the stock sensor as well as with a brand new replacement from VW connected.
  • Voltage checks performed with ignition on yield 0 VDC from pins 1-3, as well as 0 VDC from any pin to ground.
  • Resistance checks (ignition off) between 1-3 on harness (car) side of the connector suggest continuity (~20 ohms, with a 'buildup' on the meter suggesting capacitance in the driving circuit).

Follow-on info:
Some diagnostics was performed using this page:
The above is for a 2001 model car, so references to the J293 module may be inaccurate (I can't find that module in the Bentley, either). There is some good info on G65 itself (and testing) here:

My next step is to perform continuity checks from the G65 connector all the way back to the far end of where those three leads are connected to, but without being able to find G65 in the Bentley, I'm flying blind.

- Where is the circuit including G65 in the 2006-2009 Rabbit, GTI Bentley (Grey hardcover VR09)? I've checked the Climatic HVAC, Coolant fan, and a few other sections, but I'm just not seeing it anywhere.

Thanks in advance for any assistance!

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