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BMW E36 Z3 1996 and later (conv, coupe, M Roadster, M Coupe) exhaust camshaft position sensor

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exhaust camshaft position sensor
Posted: Nov 18, 2011 5:30 PM
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My engine service soon engine light can on. I check out the problem with a Peake R5/fcx tool and it showed me that I was having problems with the exhaust camshaft position sensor. I unplug and noticed that it seem damp so I use contact cleaner to cleaned the contacts, plug it back, and reset the engine light about a week ago. The engine light has not came back on and I was wondering a few things.
First, even though I reset the light and if I am still having problems shouldn't the light come back on or since I reset it, it would come back on for that code?
Second, if there still is problem can I cause any major problems with my engine driving with a bad position sensor.
Third, if there was a problem with the sensor shouldn't I know it? My Z3 has always ran great, no knocking or missing of any kind.
It seems very easy to fix and the part is only about $140, but I don't want to waste my time and money if I don't need to.

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