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mr tools

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cooling fan on (r56) mini
Posted: Aug 11, 2011 9:48 AM
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Could someone please tell me at what temp should the cooling fan on the radiator cut in at please its a 57 reg mini cooper 1.6 with n12 engine

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Re: cooling fan on (r56) mini
Posted: Aug 24, 2011 4:48 PM   in response to: mr tools in response to: mr tools
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I'm pretty sure that the fan and water pump are controlled by the ECU. In my car, (r56 MCS) the fan and water pump kick into high gear (so to speak) at about 225F as read by a Scangauge 2 plugged into the OBD2 port, and when the AC is turned to max. I'm sure there are other parameters involved, but that's what I've noticed.

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Re: cooling fan on (r56) mini
Posted: Sep 4, 2011 10:55 AM   in response to: mr tools in response to: mr tools
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Does anyone know of an aftermarket OBD2 scanner that can:
1. check codes.
2. reset codes
3. also check advanced parameters, such as auto transmission fluid temp, coolant temp.


Maya Ropelr

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Re: cooling fan on (r56) mini
Posted: Aug 27, 2012 8:42 PM   in response to: mr tools in response to: mr tools
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Sorry for the disturbance but just an additional to this thread. I actually went on a 26 mile round-trip and the cooling fan has stopped half-way where the fan usually comes on but had shift to journey Temp and the problem was gone. You can actually buy genuine mini parts on local stores or if you wish you could have them online with great deals and discounts.

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Re: cooling fan on (r56) mini
Posted: Nov 10, 2013 3:40 PM   in response to: mr tools in response to: mr tools
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I noticed these posts on the cooling fan and wondered how long does it take after starting a mini cooper (2008) for the fan to kick on? The reason I asked is that I changed out a leaky thermostat and after flushing the system I always let my cars idle and wait until the fan turns on. Just a check to make sure everything is ok. Well after 20 mimutes or so my fan still didn't turn on. I drove it around the block and still the fan was not on. So I turned the mini off and now I am wondering if something is wrong with my fan or a sensor.

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Re: cooling fan on (r56) mini
Posted: Aug 17, 2017 2:45 PM   in response to: smerckit in response to: smerckit
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Just replaced a leaking thermostat on a 2007 Hatchback (R56, N12 engine). While reading through the Bentley Publishing Mini Cooper 2007-2011 Service Manual I came across an interesting statement on Page 170-2...

"When the vehicle is first started, the ECM activates the electric fan briefly at 20% of its maximum speed, then switches OFF. This is for diagnostic monitoring. The voltage generated by the fan when it slows down (acting as a generator) must match the stored rpm values in the fan output stage to confirm that the fan is operating correctly.

This appears to be a clever power-on diagnostic technique to validate the health of the radiator fan. I seriously doubt the comparison against "stored rpm values" statement. The test is probably measures output voltage (spin down generator mode) which correlates to a RPM range. Clever method in that it doesn't require the typical hall effect sensor to detect fan rotation and additional signal wires back to the ECM.

However, I seriously doubt there is any such check being made at engine start up. I observed no fan movement in a 2007 hatchback, a 2013 Clubman, or 2013 S Countryman during engine startup. If such a check was actually preformed and failed then a DTC should have been generated. According to the Bentley service manual there are DTCs documented that relate to the "fan".

P0480 - Fan 1 Control Circuit
P0480 - Electric fan control activation: Open circuit
P0481 - Fan 2 Control Circuit
P0691 - Fan 1 Control Circuit Low
P0691 - Electric fan control activation: Short circuit to ground
P0692 - Fan 1 Control Circuit High
P0694 - Fan 2 Control Circuit High

It is my understanding that 1st gen Mini's power steering (EHPS) required a fan to cool the power steering hydraulic pump, whereas the 2nd gen Mini's is entirely electric (EPS) - no fan required. I am guessing "Fan 1" relates to the radiator cooling fan and "Fan 2" is a 1st gen artifact. There appears to be no ECM monitoring of the fan in the cabin for climate control.

Does any one know how the ECM processes "engine coolant temp sensor" and "coolant thermostat (characteristic map)" sensor data relative to controlling the radiator cooling fan. The service manual is silent on this subject. For example, how does coolant temperature control the operation and speed of the cooling fan. Hard to know if something is not working correctly if you do not have a precise understanding of how it is supposed to work.

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