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BMW E34 5 Series 1989-1995 (525i, 530i, 535i, 540i, M5, touring) BMW E34 524 TD Fuel gauge slow :(

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BMW E34 524 TD Fuel gauge slow :(
Posted: Feb 27, 2011 4:32 PM
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I am having trouble with my fuel gauge, and I can't figure out what is causing this.

My fuel gauge stops at about 1/4 tank (15 liters) and can NOT go lower than that, without any low light coming on, which of course has given me trouble like running out of gas at exactly that point.

So far I have tried to replace/do following:

1. 3 different Fuel level senders.

2. Fuel level sender's connector resistance.

3. Harness connector to the fuel level censor also resistance.

4. Wire from the fuel pump to the instrument cluster, had the same resistance on both sides.

5. Instrument cluster connector, also seemed fine involving resistance.

6. A brand NEW fuel gauge in my instrument cluster.

7: 3 different used instrument clusters, all do the same

8: Factory new coding plug coded for my car with the correct size of tank.

When I connect any of those 3 fuel level senders I have bought, and move them to empty, then my fuel gauge shows 15 liters left, with NO low fuel light on, it is suppose to show all empty.

I have done a test where I connected all 3 fuel level senders one by one with the harness connector and moved them on around 3 liters instead of empty to see if it can show less than 15 liters, and turned ignition on. The Fuel Gauge then moves to 18 liters, which means that the gauge just adds the ekstra liters that the fuel level sender is on, I think that means that somehow my car thinks that 15 liters is empty, since my fuel gauge is on 15 liters when I run dry, but for what reason???

Any advice would be nice...

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