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912 Exhaust
Posted: Aug 12, 2008 3:54 PM
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We just purchased a 1968 912. The owner’s manual shows the Exhaust Emission Control System and the Annex to Drivers Manual that the car should have lines from the Exhaust Port input, Check and Relief valve and Air Pump. None of these are there. Is it possible this car did not come with this set-up? And if it did come with these parts, how or can we replace? Difficult? The car was bought off the dealer lot in Texas originally.

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Re: 912 Exhaust
Posted: Aug 13, 2013 5:01 PM   in response to: vango in response to: vango
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This car in 68 came with air injection into exhaust ports. It was a last minute correction to
meet suddenly changed emission standards. By that I imply that it was not a happy
solution.It came with a belt driven air pump, some plumbing,air injection nozzles and
a vacuum retard distributor.In 1969 this early emission system was superseded and
came without air injection.Most cars disposed of 1968 systems by either backdating
or updating to other year's specs.Smog no longer being an issue on cars of this vintage
there was a total freedom of choice.
The benefit was lower heat generation so unless this is meant to be a collectors car,
you are better off with this aspect not being original.
Finding original parts may be difficult and should include a double row crank pulley.

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