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Mercedes-Benz 240D/300D 1977-1985 (W123) alternator belt replacement woes--big booboo

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alternator belt replacement woes--big booboo
Posted: Aug 23, 2004 2:53 PM
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Hi All,

This seemingly simple DIY project drives me nuts. My MB has been on the jack stands for over 3 weeks and itís getting worse.

I bought this 83 300 D turbo with 86 K miles on it.
While replacing the alternator belt, I notice the tension adjustment bolt and nut were missing, and the bracketís tension nut ear was sheared off. I ordered a new bracket and a bolt from parts.mbz.org. The bracket looks very strong and I didnít understand why/how the old bracket was broken so badly until something (worse!) happened to me.

I tightened the tension nut and adjusted the tension of the belt to about ĹĒ flex, then tightened the nut which slides in the slot. I noticed the pivot bolt had too much slacks, and I started to tighten it. Well, this tightening caused the aluminum pivot to break. Fortunately, I was able to find the exact part at a local junk yard.

Now, I have to replace the whole bracket from the engine block. If anyone has done this, I would surely appreciate your input, please.

I have disconnected a couple of the rubber radiator hoses to get more work space. However, I have had trouble to get to the one bolt on the pulley side because it is rather cramped next to the pulley. Someone told me that for a different MB model, the big crank can be turned by hand to reveal a slot (dimple) to allow just enough room for a socket to get in. I cannot picture this procedure on my car. Where is this slot?

2. My new tension bracket ear (where the nut is mounted) and the tension bolt are bent out of shape. What is the best way to restore them? Do I need to heat them with a propane torch or just knock/bend them cold?

3. What is the correct sequence to get the belt tensioned to avoid this to happen again?


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