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Volkswagen EuroVan: 1992-2003 (T4) check valve on breather hose

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poppy owner

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check valve on breather hose
Posted: Oct 31, 2017 12:54 PM
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the breather hose assembly a very expensive set of stuff has a check valve (pcv?)
in it's circuit. mine is bad but everything else seems to operate. I can only find the
entire circuit listed (up to ($295.00) and not the valve which is a removable vacuum
assisted check valve. I find other similar check valves for from $2.97 I prefer that
price. Does anyone know if there is a check valve that will interchange, or what the
nrs on that check valve are. The VW part nr for the whole arangement is 022-103-474-A.
This is not a typical pcv but is a diaphragm type valve


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Re: check valve on breather hose
Posted: Nov 2, 2017 5:20 PM   in response to: poppy owner in response to: poppy owner
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You don't mention the year of your EV, but this response applies to 2001-2003 with the 24 valve VR6.
The part # you mention (022-103-474-A) has no valve in it - it is just the breather hose that runs from the engine to the breather valve on the "inlet hose" which is the 3" diameter hard plastic assembly that runs from the mass flow sensor to the throttle body. (This is on the 2001-2003 models only.)
The breather valve is electrically operated, and is permanently attached to the inlet hose by plastic welding, so it is not available as a separate part.
I've had two of these (on different vans) break off the inlet hose at the plastic weld. I repaired one with epoxy and cable ties, and bought a replacement for the other from EuropartsSD. The VW part number is 022 129 627 C and a search can find other on-line dealers in the $220-230 range.
At least this part is still available, unlike many other Eurovan parts. (I find parts for my 1991 Vanagon easier to find than for my 2001 Eurovan.)

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