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BMW E90 3 Series 2006 - 2012 TPMS Malfunction

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Last Post: Sep 20, 2017 9:06 PM Last Post By: YBR2010

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TPMS Malfunction
Posted: May 4, 2015 10:16 AM
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Hi All,
I have a 335i 2007 sport package, 19inch rims with OE sensors working fine until recently I start getting TPMS Malfunction/ Inactive. I took it to American Tire Depot and they tested all 4 sensors all reading correctly, also I took out the RDC (white module in the back) and checked also since I have electronic background I replaced the only thing which could be bad the capacitor in the control unit.
Also I replaced two sensors for the front tires OE exact part bought from Tomkinson BMW parts online. (Good online prices). I have 33PSI front and 37PSI Rear. If I run the car in the morning it works fine for the first 10mins and then inactive start decorating my dashboard plus the annoying noise. From I-drive I reset the TPMS 1 zillion times and took out the battery over night one time. I took it to BMW dealer (Southbay CA) tech reset said no errors found again I drove for another 10mins and the light comes back. Before I give up any ideas? Will the antenna do this? Should I replace the Antenna? And where is located? I have the Bentley manual but didnít find anything about the RDC Antenna!!!
HELP PLEASE text me if you have any idea 513-410-9363
Thanks in advance

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Re: TPMS Malfunction
Posted: Jul 15, 2015 1:45 AM   in response to: Hisho in response to: Hisho
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I have the same TPMS malfunction error. Bentley book is useless for this. Did you figure out how to fix the problem? I need to know where the RDC unit is on a 2011 328i.

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Re: TPMS Malfunction
Posted: Aug 5, 2016 11:46 AM   in response to: JP9680 in response to: JP9680
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My car, 2010 328ix, has TPMS problems too. After spending $150 at a dealer for diagnosis, I was told the RDC module and the connector plus cable need to be replaced at $900. Not to mention how frustrating it was to find information of this system, which is not very useful except creating some annoying warning sign at the dashboard. Here are some info to share with you. The TPMS system includes: 4 tpms sensors in the 4 tires that talk to 4 triggers (black rectangular shape) located in 4 wheel-wells. there is one "RDC control module" (white rectangular block, normally installed in the trunk above the battery) and one antenna, normally underneath the car. But, for the new model, the RDC and the antenna are combined into one component about 3" long and 1" x 0.75" in size. This module is normally installed underneath the car. Mine one is located behind the right rear wheel and underside of the trunk.The connector of this module is NOT sealed for outside use! (unbelieveble poor design! very unprofessional). So over time, water gets in and the connector is corroded.

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Re: TPMS Malfunction
Posted: Oct 8, 2016 1:42 PM   in response to: Hisho in response to: Hisho
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This error can appear when a specific wheel TPMS goes out. If you scan with a BMW style tool, it will indicate a specific wheel in addition to the system. Note, the sensor may still read as good at the tire shop.

Replacing the TPMS sensor in that wheel was the solution on my vehicle. $65 including parts and labor at Discount Tire. Quote was $260 at the dealer.

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Re: TPMS Malfunction
Posted: Sep 18, 2017 8:33 PM   in response to: YBR2010 in response to: YBR2010
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Hi, I have the same problem as you had. The TPMS light is on. Dealer told be that is the RDC and connector problem and it costs $960 last year. I didn't let them do. I took out the RDC from the exactly the location you said. I found the connecter on RDC was corroded. I just can't agree with you more that it is a very poor design! This type of connector is not for that type environment. So, I bought a new RDC and connector from the dealer and replaced the old one. But the tech at a local BMW specialized garage told me they could not communicate with RDC. There are something else is wrong. I need to figure out what to do next. I would like to know how did you fix your car? at a dealer?

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Re: TPMS Malfunction
Posted: Sep 20, 2017 9:06 PM   in response to: YBR2010 in response to: YBR2010
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This is to clarify the difference of TPMS between 2010-2011 328i and cars made before 2010. The TPMS information in Bentley Publication: stock # B311 or ISBN 978-0-8367-1723-7. Is only good for cars made up to 2009. The TPMS of 2010 and 2011 is very different from those in previous cars.
In what follows, "old" refers to before 2010 and "new" after 2010, i.e., 2010 and 2011.

a) Content of TPMS
Old: 4 sensors inside 4 wheels; 4 trigger modules in 4 wheel wells; an control module or RDC in the trunk wall near the battery; and an antenna under neath the chases.
New: 4 sensors inside 4 wheels and a control module RDC. In the new system, the 4 triggers are removed and the control module and the antenna are combined into one module called RDC, which is located underneath the trunk, behind the right, rear wheel. One has to remove a piece of plastic shield to see it.

b) From the outside, the shape of the new RDC looks the same as the antenna in the old system.

c) pin assignment, The new RDC has 4 pins. The pin number is marked next to each pin.
pin 1 is connected to a green wire in the plug. It is K_CAN_H.
pin 2 is connected to a Red/blue wire in the plug. It is the +12v power supply through a 5 Amp fuse
F27 to the RDC
pin 3 is connected to a yellow/green wire in the plug. It is K_CAN_L.
pin 4 is connected to a brown wire in the plug. It is a ground wire.
Here K_CAN_H and K_CAN_L are two data lines of the bus.

d) Because the all 4 pins are very thin and located in a harsh environment, it is bond to happen that over time the connector to the RDC got corroded and fails the whole TPMS, even the sensors in the tires are good.
In this case, you need to buy a new RDC and a connector to replace the old bad one. Also, don't forget to check fuse F27. Very often F27 is broken because the corroded connector may short 12v power supply. I would suggest that you buy the RDC and the connector from BMW dealer, because the RDC has many revised versions. Make sure to get a right one for your car. You can replace hardware by yourself. After that the new RDC still needs to be programmed. This needs a scanner. So, it can be done either by a dealer or yourself or by some independent specialized BMW service shop.

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