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Audi A6 1998-2004, S6 2002 and later, allroad 2001 and later, rs6 2003 and later (C5) Climate Control Pinout Needed -C5 A6

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Climate Control Pinout Needed -C5 A6
Posted: Sep 15, 2016 3:57 PM
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I'm in the midst of a V8 ART swap from a c5 into my b5, and I'm at the figuring out the wiring stage. At the moment, I'm mapping the connectors that are in the ECU plenum chamber.
I see that some of the pins need to go to the climate control module at the dash. I see differing wiring between what the C5 Bentley says and what the B5 Bentley says. I'm finding the C5 service manual to be quite useless at times: it does not contain any wiring diagrams for the climate control module. The B5 manual does, but that doesn't help me to figure out what wires are what signals on the C5. It would be helpful to me if I knew what signals were on what wire, so I can make sure to swap the pins in the plenum chamber connectors appropriately.

I've searched around for quite a while now, and I can't find a pinout for the climate control module (klimabetatigung), not on the interwebs nor in the A6 bentley book.

Would someone have this pinout information they can share with me, for the climate control module from the C5? PN 4B0820043
Looks like this:

More specifically, I'm looking at the C5 service manual, and I see a wire that needs to go from the T15u(red 15pin connector in the plenum chamber), to pin A7 on the climate control module. Usually I can find the other module in the diagrams and see what type of signal this is, but there's not a lot of information with the C5 book. But nonetheless, it would be useful to have a full pinout, because this is not the only wire going from the climate control module to the ECM.

If I had a pinout, I wouldn't have to guess at what the signals are.


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Re: Climate Control Pinout Needed -C5 A6
Posted: Sep 21, 2016 2:15 PM   in response to: 4loops in response to: 4loops
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If there is a pinout published, you can obtain that by subscribing to Erwin ( erwin.vw.com ). You'll need the VIN for both vehicles (donor vehicle and the recipient vehicle) as many newer Audis and VWs have PR code dependent options that can only be determined by using the VIN number. It is also entirely possible that there was never a published pinout for the connectors you are requesting. Many older Audi/VW products do not provide this information in the manual. Instead, you must consult the track wiring diagrams to determine pin identification at a given connector.

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