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Porsche 986 CEL with a code of 1340

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CEL with a code of 1340
Posted: Feb 5, 2014 2:41 PM
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So I've had my car on the rack for about 6 months. It started off as a misfire with the following codes 300, 301,302,303, 341, and 1340. The following has been done, the engine has been checked for proper timing, the ECU has been check and found to be in working order. It looks like its come down to a wiring issue,

My question is which wires should I be looking at?
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Re: CEL with a code of 1340
Posted: Feb 12, 2014 9:14 AM   in response to: doli3415 in response to: doli3415
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Hello, your 1341 fault refers to camshaft adjustment bank 1, your 341 fault if that is the correct number could be camshaft sensor. You don't say what year your vehicle is so I'm not sure of the variocam generation. First two baseline items you should make sure are okay are the spark plug and coil condition, and motor oil type and viscosity. Make sure you are using a quality synthetic oil rated for Porsche A40 spec, 0-40, 5-40, or 5-50 if you see higher temperatures. These are the current approved oils from Porsche. This is important because your dealing with the camshaft adjustment system, and it can be very sensitive to oil type and change intervals. I would check your power and ground from the ecm to the variocam actuator solenoid. remove the dme from behind the carpet in the trunk, release the connector and check for continuity and short to B+ at the solenoid connector and DME. If you do have a 341 fault, check the wiring for the position sensor as well. Check B+ at the adjuster solenoid with the DME hooked up and KOEO. If wiring checks ok, is the solenoid leaking? a leaking solenoid means it needs to be replaced and could be your fault cause. Also if the timing was checked, was the chain tensioner removed and checked at this time? The tensioner can fail allowing a loose chain. The chains them selves do not usually get loose, but the guides can wear.

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