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Moe Fizz

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BMW 323 Ci 2000 transmission
Posted: Mar 21, 2013 4:06 PM
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This is a car a bought a while back its been a great ride and i love it it has the Manuel and automatic transmission. Just in the last 3-5 days I started seeing check oil every time I start the car and start moving the check oil yellow light comes on and then after 45 seconds it goes off and the car rides fine. after driving for 20 minutes or so the transmission (!) signal comes on and most of the time when I stopped at a traffic light when that light comes on i have to press my gas pedal harder than I should to get the car to move if I pull over put the car in Park and turn it off for a while then back on it will only display the check oil and after 45 seconds that goes away and after driving for a bit with no problem the transmission sign will come back on again (!) then I have to press hard on the gas pedal to make move.

Does anyone have any idea? Someone told me I need a transmission flush...? is that true ?

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