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audi 100 s4
Posted: Jun 21, 2012 8:17 AM
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hi i've got an 1993 audi s4 one of only 600 imported into this country in 1993 problem is it wont start it will turn over n fuel pump is working but no spark had a few people look at it but no one seems to know wots up wiv it could anyone out there help me out cheers.

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Re: audi 100 s4
Posted: Jun 21, 2012 10:35 AM   in response to: gwillis1973 in response to: gwillis1973
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first thing i would check is spark. this can be done by taking a sparkplug out and cranking the motor over with the plug laying on top of something grounded. if no spark then need to trouble shoot the system. i started with the crank position sensor and moved on to the cam sensor if those pass the test check for 12 volts at the coils. if your mechanics cant figure it it out find a better mechanics unless your willing to trouble shoot the system yourself which is the hardest part. now one of the wires at the coil should have 12 volts or close to with the key on. if not check fuse and relays. gotta narrow results by narrowing it down because many things can cause no spark issue. but first need to confirm you .have no spark? a no start situation is not enough to confirm it. i kinda assuming their is no spark but I could be wrong. if the fuel pressure is low can cause no start situation.

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