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Mini Cooper 2003 R53 Overheating
Posted: May 14, 2012 11:35 PM
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I've read a few posts about the mini cooper overheating, but I couldn't find something that was similar to what was happening to me. So here it goes...

I have a 2003 Mini cooper (bought it from another owner) and it currently has around 105K miles on it (so no warranty) I had a battery die completely on me so I replaced that without any issue. The issue i'm having is with the car overheating when i'm just idling in traffic. So, when I stop for about 30-45 seconds in traffic, just sitting there, the car temp gauge starts moving up ward, but the minute I start driving, everything is back to normal. I read somewhere that it may be the thermostat, or it may be something else (leaking etc). I'm really not sure yet cuz i didn't have the time yet to fully inspect. My Fan works fine and I can always hear it turning on while sitting in traffic (with the temp gauge moving upward)..so that I know works quite well. Also, it runs for about 2-3 minutes after I turn my car off, and this has been happening more frequently in the recent days. I believe that the cooling tank reservior is gone and needs replacement, so I already bought an aluminum tank, so that will be replaced in the coming days, but I would appreciate to hear some comments or ideas as to what may be the issue with the car. Thanks in advance!
Maya Ropelr

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Re: Mini Cooper 2003 R53 Overheating
Posted: Aug 7, 2012 10:43 PM   in response to: rogi27 in response to: rogi27
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That was such an issue to minis way back then. My dad was actually suffering from overheating ending up the vehicle on the same miles as yours and he call the dealership to address the issue but nothing happens. So the next thing was of that a mechanic's concern. Anyway there are Discounted auto parts for mini coopers on local shops as well as online retailers. Just give yourself a favor to find the one that best fit on your vehicle.

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