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Volkswagen Jetta, Golf, GTI: 1999-2005, R32: 2004 (A4) 01m trans trouble ;

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01m trans trouble ;
Posted: Jun 9, 2006 3:05 PM
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hey guys 2001 jetta tdi, have reverse, but no drive gear until engine reaches 1100 rpm. Vag Con says no codes. car will stay in gear until you come to a complete stop. as long as you stay moveing your fine. If you are on a hill aiming down hill ans let the car coast it will go into gear when car reaches aprox. 2mph. the drive bianery should say 001000 but when you put into drive it says 001010. when you reach the 1100 rpm range the bianary changes to 001000 andcar goes into gear. I have installed a new very pricey valve body and new foil thinking #5 siliond was bad. should i look at the VSS? please help . thanks Cavey

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Re: 01m trans trouble ;
Posted: Dec 2, 2011 2:20 PM   in response to: caveman in response to: caveman
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Did you ever find a solution to this problem? We are having the same problem. We have already replace valvebody multiple times, replaced the computer, internal wiring harness, and the molded piston in drum 3 times. Anyone with any information please share.

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Re: 01m trans trouble ;
Posted: Dec 18, 2011 6:51 AM   in response to: caveman in response to: caveman
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The first thing i would check is the fluid level using vag com... Be very careful on following the instructions in the bentley manual for this. read and read and re-read instructions till you fully understand it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If the fluid level is good, you have problems, dont know what????

If the fluid level is low and yoiur having problems then you should find the leak and reread bentley manmual............

Then, ( this is the most important part)........Place a piece of cardboard under engine/tranny. let car sit for a day or two and see if you hav any leaks under transmision...... there are several places this tranny can leak, and if it does leak fluid it will be at the wrong level and have tranny problems......

Parts that are recommended by Bentley and VW when doing a tranny fluid cvhange on O1M: by dealer parts!
Washer on drain plug/or new washer and drain pluig $0.60 - $3.00 at the dealer...stupid not to put a new washer on drain plugg
Security cap - comes with new o-rings $3.00 - $4.00 O-rings keep fluid in tranny - dumb not to replace w new......
Plastic fill tube - comes with new o-ring $6.00? comes with a new o-ring, change this part when you have the pan down/off o-ring keeps fluid in tranny, dumb not to replace if your car has 100,000 miles or more and doing a tranny fluid change.

Use a tourque wrench when putting pan back on tranny - over touquing bolts, leads to stripped threads on pan, which leads to slow fluid leak which leads to tranny problems.......

swith to Valvaline high mileage tranny fluid.....look on back of jug and it should have vag-numbers on it......


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Re: 01m trans trouble ;
Posted: Dec 29, 2011 12:56 AM   in response to: jdmep in response to: jdmep
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I'm also having the same problem. It's been that way for almost 2 years, so i would assume its not mechanical or the tranny would have died by now. The tranny actually works pretty good until it warms up. Once it gets to about 190 degrees it starts the false neutral thing when you come to a complete stop. A little tap of the gas and it thumps into gear and it drives fine thru all 4 gears. I changed the valve body, solenoids, valve body wiring harness and swapped in an used tcm. It improved shifting a litttle bit but still have the problem. I hooked up a pressure gauge and it held 60 psi steady in drive, when I come to a complete stop the gauge would fluctuate up and down from 30 to 75 psi similar to a solenoid cycling on and off, as soon as i tap the gas it goes back to 60 psi steady again. One of the VW mechanics said there are incidences where the computer would do that if the tranny was running hot and hence want to relieve some heat when your sitting at a light in drive. Im at the point to start tracking down the electrical signals to and from the tranny to see if theres something not communicating well. Anything you guys find out i'd being willing to try at this point. It sounds like such a chronic problem that its strange that we cant find a cure on the web. Please post if you figure it out.

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Re: 01m trans trouble ;
Posted: Jan 13, 2012 12:27 PM   in response to: Acro in response to: Acro
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Guys, I am investigating exactly the same problem. The car has difficulty shifting into 1st at a stop (sometimes a lag of several seconds). When trying to accelerate, the car may or may not. After it starts to accelerate, it may lurch multiple times. As best I can tell, its behavior is almost exactly the same as you report. The major difference I see is that this problem appears to be much worse when it is cold, rather than hot.

I connected a vag-com and logged a test drive. Backing out of the garage, halting, shifting from Reverse to Drive resulted in the first failure. I noticed that the vag-com reports what appears to be Solenoid EV-5 (N92) (Display Group 4, Display Field 1 (Solenoid Valves), Bit 5 (5th from left) in the 'Test Table' section of the Bentley book turned ON during this slippage. As soon as it turns OFF, the transmission pulls well. Since this solenoid controls a valve that controls (and reduces) hydraulic line pressure during shifting, it appears that this solenoid getting turned ON is dumping pressure, which, in turn, is causing the relevant clutches/brakes to slip excessively.

At the first stop sign I came to a full stop. Starting out is a fairly steep uphill run. Pulling away from there, the car jerked a couple of times, before finally settling in gear and climbing the hill. The log indicates that, after starting up the hill, the EV-5 solenoid was turned ON for about a half second, then back OFF, causing a lurch, then turned back on for several seconds, during which the car came to a complete halt. This data appears to correspond to 'losing the gear', so I am pretty confident that this solenoid being turned on at the wrong time is what is causing the transmission to slip..

Now what is happening to make the TCM think it needs to turn this solenoid ON when it clearly shouldn't?

That is what I am starting to investigate now. My first guess is that some sensor it is reading is giving it bad data. This could be bad sensor, bad cable, bad connector, bad TCM, bad ECM (If it's bad data sent by a bad ECM). There are several sensors and cables to check for all this.

I will also hook up a pressure gauge to see whether that is OK.

If you have found or do find the culprit, please spread the word.

If I find out anything, I will report back.

Meanwhile, here's a question:
In the 'Test Table' section of the electronic Bentley book that I have, I infer from what they tell us that in Display Group 5, Display Field 2 (Selector Output), the Bits 1 and 2 (two leftmost bits, I think, hope) are not really defined, but must both be the same value (either both '0' or both '1'). But it doesn't indicate the 'or else'. If there is a mismatch (which I see), what does that mean? What if they are both '0'? What if they are both '1'? Anyone know? If one is a '1' and the other a '0', is there any meaning attached to the value of the digit? It would be nice if they would tell us, no? It almost sounds as if these are sort of 'handshake' signals to verify the connection between the ECM and TCM (or relative health of each device). Wonder what they really mean?

If you have any info, please let me know (any any monitors at Bentley, that goes for you, too, since it's your book that doesn't properly document this)!
tranz tec

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Re: 01m trans trouble ;
Posted: Apr 27, 2012 5:26 PM   in response to: caveman in response to: caveman
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I have ben doing transmissions for about fifteen years now and have yet to find a problem so proplexing as the 01m.What I have found ,the only cure for those units is to replace ALL the solnoids.They have an unusual problem of becoming magnetized and making all kinds of problems.When the solonoid is suposed to be off it still remains closed because of the aquired magnetisem from its pole.With the copper coated steel ball "valve"magnetized to the pole with the exhaust hole at its center the fluid will not release ,and the failsafe valves within the body will produce a false neutral until the preasure builds enough to "pop" the ball of from its permenatly magnitized seat.When the solonoid is new its pole peice is neutral magnetizem ,But years of being magnetized by coil voltage it wil eventualy make the steel pole a permenant magnet ,In this case not a good thing ! LOL

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