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BMW E46 3 Series 1999 -2004 (323i, 325i/xi, 328i, 330i/xi, M3, conv, sport wagon) Automatic Transmission Fluid / refill / rehash

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Automatic Transmission Fluid / refill / rehash
Posted: Aug 13, 2006 10:51 PM
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Charlie, Back on the Automatic transmission thing. I am the one swapping out the engine. Well time to put the transmission back up and I have a few questions and issues to resolve.

323i manufactured in march 1999
Transmission by vin # info is A5S-360R. On the transmission the following is detectable:
GM Hydromatic Strasburg France
Serial #0039460
Part #96020974
Lifetime oil thing indicating oil part #83220002121
Sticker is green.

In Bentley manual, green sticker is listed as Texaco ETL 8072B, However, the following web page seems more official http://tech.bentleypublishers.com/servlet/JiveServlet/download/66-15645-136704-1551/ATFCapacity.pdf
and it indicates using Texaco 7045E for the A5S-360R.

Neither references the same part #listed on the bottom of the transmission and the dealer also did not pull up the part number from the sticker either. Is it right to assume that the Texaco 7045E is the right oil to use??

Next issue: Also through reading, I have found information that indicates not to change the fluid, to re-use existing fluid and only add when doing repairs, (not sure what that means) The reason for this question is that when I pulled off the trani, the torque convertor stayed on the crankshaft, when I removed the TC, it spilled some fluid, the fluid was very black. I figured it would make sense to drain the TC and refill with new fluid, and then after putting the trani up, drop the pan and change out the filter. Flush out all the fluid and replace with new. One post, however, indicated that sometimes messing with the fluid causes problems with the car not starting up?? Could you shed some light??

Since I lost fluid from the TC, it seems at a minimum, I need to add more, should I drain first? When I add more, when do I know when there is enough? What fluid should I use and is the dealer the only place I can get it?

Hopefully this makes sense.


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