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squeaky clutch issues
Replaced my clutch about 4k miles ago. It grabs and releases perfectly, however the pedal started sq...
Re: Special Tool for Hazard and ASR switches
thanks, you were right, I just pushed on the back of the switch and it popped right out, I was insta...
Re: problem when starting my car
the starter on my GTI was sticking and getting over-run by the flywheel and it sounded like a duck b...
Re: serpentine Belt assembly
you have to screw a bolt into the threaded hole on the tensioner to loosen the belt.
Special Tool for Hazard and ASR switches
Hello, I'm having a hard time removing the Hazard switch from the dash of a 00 GTI. I've been trying...
Re: Aftermarket Tail Lights for 2000 Golf
Tail lights or head lights? Your pic shows the headlight only:) Try vwvortex.com, those guys are all...
Re: 200 Jetta VR6 Headlights and interior lights "pulse" at idle
Maybe you could try installing a capacitor, a friend of mine was having the same problem after he in...
clutch bleeding
While installing a new clutch in my 00 GTI VR6 (5 speed) I think I damaged the slave cylinder. The c...
Re: What's up with these lifters?
Oh yea, by the way, what's the best way to bleed all the air out of the new lifters? I have them sit...
Re: Fuel Filter Replacement - 2001 Jetta VR6
Just push the tab on the plastic fitting in with your thumb nail and pull, it's not that bad, I've d...