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Re: manual
Porsche » 912, Jul 13, 2011
Porsche service had a factory workshop manual in print (ring-binder) for the 912E which covered engi...
Re: 71 Super Beetle - Gen Light stays on
Just realized, this is actually not an alternator (3-phase AC machine), but a generator (DC-machine)...
Re: 71 Super Beetle - Gen Light stays on
If the voltage regulator is defect and does not supply current for the exitation coil (inside the al...
Re: 240D - The Infamous Heater Blower
In most cases it's not the blower motor but the control unit in the center console. The blower motor...
Re: 1975 240D Transmission Slip
As Rick, my experience is limited to W123 and W126. Vacuum issues with the automatic tranny will cau...
Re: Hydraulic clutch
Replace the clutch and try bleeding the clutch actuation in reverse.
Re: 91 Jetta sagging in the rear
Changing the shock absorbers is not going to solve the sagging problem. The weight of the car is sup...
Re: Hydraulic clutch
How did you bleed the clutch?
Re: Loss of power / Drained battery
First, get the battery recharged very soon. A healthy alternator should power the vehicle even with...
Re: Loss of power / Drained battery
Have you checked all battery terminal connectors and ground cables (Ohm-meter)? What was the battery...