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Re: Should I buy?
Audi » TT 2000-2006, Nov 17, 2008
Hi, I have now my second Audi TT, The first one was from 11-98 (First Audi TT in The Netherlands) Th...
Re: TT Shop Manual
Audi » TT 2000-2006, Dec 4, 2006
Hi Stan, i agree, i am glad that "oldsetter"has point this out. I wanted to buy this manual at Bentl...
Re: car bogging
Audi » TT 2000-2006, Nov 23, 2006
Hi, just unscrew the screws and then just pry off the electrical connector
Re: car bogging
Audi » TT 2000-2006, Nov 22, 2006
I think it has to do with your Air Mass meter. I had similar problems and it went away after changin...
Re: TT Shop Manual
Audi » TT 2000-2006, Nov 15, 2006
Is it simular as the previous CDROM? I own the http://www.bentleypublishers.com/product.htm?code=AT...
Re: Jingle bells under the car
Audi » TT 2000-2006, Sep 20, 2006
I had similar noise. My car went back to the dealer for 5 times. They have replaced all stabilize ba...
Re: Mystery Button
Audi » TT 2000-2006, Jul 17, 2006
This button is for an interiur alarm. If hte light is on then you have disabled the interiur alarm o...
Re: Window Pinch Adjustment
Audi » TT 2000-2006, Jul 12, 2006
Hi Joseph, i had the same on both sites. The car wend to the garage for 5 times. Every time the adju...
Re: Right side door window not working
Audi » TT 2000-2006, Jun 1, 2006
Hi, this is a known problem. They have replaced my window motor on both sides already. You can first...
Re: switching tail lights
Audi » TT 2000-2006, Feb 17, 2006
Hi, according to me it is very simple. At leased I own a euro TT. In my case the taillight has only ...