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Re: ABA OBD 1 ECU grounds and pinout
(back to OP) http://faculty.ccp.edu/faculty/dreed/Campingart/jettatech/techset/index.htm Any help t...
Re: ABA OBD 1 ECU grounds and pinout
BobD! I'm very sorry to threadjack,.. danjreed (@) gmail dot com I have a cluster question. Plea...
Re: Lost keys
Ouch, . First, the dealer is useless, most don't carry the MKIII equipment anymore for key codes. ...
Re: Cleaning Fuel Injectors
Sure, run some Chevron Techtron fuel cleaner with about 5X tanks of top tier fuel. Best as anything...
Re: mk3 vr6 obd port not working
1995 IS NOT OBDII. Its OBDI, you need a VAG.COM setup, or aftermarket VW scanner from e-bay to talk...
Re: MAF wiring ground
Just be aware that test I have is for OBDI cars only. The OBDII MAF is not wired the same.
Re: Oil is POURING Out!!!
Yey Dan Reed! ;)
Re: Interior Light Problem
They just pry out with a little help from a screwdriver.
Re: Interior Light Problem
http://faculty.ccp.edu/faculty/dreed/Campingart/jettatech/alarmcentralhelp/alarmhelp2.htm My money ...
Re: ANTI FREEZE ---mysterious leak?
Check the coolant flange on the drivers side of the head.