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Cleaning garage, brand new fuel filter + fittings, 99c
Clearing a couple of items I still have left from my sons ex Audi 200 turbo. Brand new fuel filter l...
Re: Upper Control Arm replacement
www.blauparts.com sells a hardware kit for the control arms, this contains all the right spec bolts.
Re: Gearbox and rear diff fluid confusion
From memory, 75w90 synthetic goes into the Front, Center & Rear diffs, the gearbox takes its own fla...
Re: 2001A-4 B5 Heater Core R&R
Did you bleed the system after refilling? If there is an airlock in the system, this will cause this...
Re: Clicking noise from the front left
Is you car an automatic? If so are you sure you are not hearing the shift interlock being unlocked?
Re: Rear wheel bearing?
Changing the bearing is not too bad of a job, providing you have the correct tools. You are going to...
Re: 1999 Audi A6 Quattro - Serpentine Belt (looking for insight)
Common link between alternator and power steering would be the serpentine belt. Check belt and tensi...
Re: Tranny trouble
Does the vibration happen under acceleration, deceleration, coasting? Can you put the car in neura...
Re: Anyone know what the exclamation CEL light means?
If it looks like (!) it's probably the brake pad wear indicator.
Re: 1998 A6 Avant Quattro Alloy Wheels
You do not need to remove the center axle bolt to remove the wheels or any part of the brake assembl...