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Re: p1128 and p0422 on 2000 Jetta 2.0
The MAF sensor is a "Mass Air Flow" sensor. It measures the mass of air flowing into the intake man...
Re: VR6 Oil Cooler
Expanding on what FKH161 says: The inner seal between the block and the cooler is probably the one ...
Re: Gas Lid
To expand on Ric's answer: Put the key in the driver door lock, turn it to unlock, release it, turn...
Re: Starter Install problems
I believe you still have the same issue with the VR6. The top bolt goes through the front engine mo...
Re: Identify
It's the 7th and 8th characters in your VIN. 1J is Golf/GTI, Jetta Wagon 9M is Jetta sedan /Mark
Re: Jetta stalling
Classic flakey ignition switch. /Mark
Re: front bearing question
I think you have identified the problem. I had a 95 GLX with ABS brakes and I could not use an "on ...
Re: p1128 and p0422 on 2000 Jetta 2.0
Bart, Take a look at this link on Fuel Trim. It descibes the way the O2 sensors and MAF sensor int...
Re: New '01 A6 2.7TQ with code P1392
On the Bentley reference here (the original link is to the right of this message): http://www.bentl...
Re: VAG Codes VS SAE Codes
Audi » TT 2000-2006, Mar 14, 2006
Art, Oops. Thanks for clearing that up. I guess I went out on a limb here. TTippetsaudi's data n...