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Error (content missing) in new eBahn 3 for Phaeton
Hello All: I have recently purchased an upgrade to the 'eBahn 3' service manual for the Phaeton. I...
How to remove the Plenum Chamber Cover on a Phaeton
The Phaeton repair manual does not provide a great deal of detail (elaboration) about how to remove ...
Re: Where is connector T17c ?
Hi Art: Well, actually, the finished result is pretty simple - it consists of two paddles that stic...
Re: Where is connector T17c ?
Hi Art: Thanks for that information. I do appreciate you mentioning that there are additional 17 p...
Where is connector T17c ?
I am having a difficult time trying to find documentation that illustrates the location of connector...
Re: Having difficulty finding Turn Signal Stalk re/re instructions
Hi Art: I eventually found the instructions - they are in section 94-8 - not sure why I couldn't fi...
Re: Anyone purchased a Phaeton yet?
Or, perhaps you just appreciate the engineering that went into the Phaeton - which, by the way, is a...
Re: Having difficulty finding Turn Signal Stalk re/re instructions
Hi All - is Art on holidays? Michael
Re: Wiring Diagram 36 request gets 404 file not found error
Thanks Art. They sent me a PDF by email. Michael
Exterior Door Handle removal and replacement
The instructions contained in the Phaeton repair manual in CD format for removal and replacement of ...