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E39 Drippy Engine Oil Plug
threads seem to be fine (ie. not stripped at all), if fact, you can torque the oil plug very much wh...
E39 Front Blinker Issues
So, now i have experienced the same problem with each of my two front blinkers. They stop working...
Re: Idle Issue when cold, 528i
thanks reini. you were right. first my mechanic installed a new idle valve...didn't fix the proble...
Idle Issue when cold, 528i
99 528i, for first 5 minutes after a cold start, will drop its idle level to almost stall sporadical...
Re: ceramic brake pads
Ceramic Brake Pads are the way to go. No break dust - nice. seem to be just as effective.
Rusted Muffler, 99 528i
Car is 10 yrs old and muffler has lots of surface rust which looks bad. Muffler seems solid still a...
Driver's Window
When I put the driver's window either up or down, at approx. mid-point, it slows a little and makes ...
99 528i Gas Mileage
my car has almost 200,000 miles on it. still runs great, however, i have watched mileage go from 28...
Re: flush radiator
Sorry, I can't help with your question but related, i've heard mixed reports on whether you should d...
Re: 99 528i Spark Plugs
NGK seems way to go. my dealer recommends the BKR6EQUP plug. NGK website says all of the following w...