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84 rocco frequency valve
My 84 with cis-e has power to the lambda relay (frequency valve pin 87A) when the car is off; but t...
scirocco start only when cold
84 Scirocco starts cold (early morning) and drives fine. Get to work ( 5 miles) ;try to restart and...
Re: jumping altenator ignitor
Thank you again Thomas; Lester.
jumping altenator ignitor
I'm jumping my alt. ignitor (trigger?) wire while my dash cluster is out. I have it bat. direct. I'v...
Re: 84 scirocco charge lite
Excellent; Thanks very much for the help! ; Lester.
84 scirocco charge lite
I need to have my dash out for a while but the alternator doesn't energize properly with the charge ...
Re: 84 scirocco instrument panel plug removal
Thanks i'll give it a try
84 scirocco instrument panel plug removal
Need to remove inst. cluster from dash. Removed pass. side white plug without much hassle but driver...
Re: 84 scirocco lambda relay power source
Thanks again Thomas; I'll check it out. : Lester.
Re: 84 scirocco lambda relay power source
Update; Hi guys; Could I jump this wire to somewhere else underhood or maybe coil direct? This rats...