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Re: 1998 Alternator Replacement
Follow up; works as advertised, still! :)
Re: Loud Speaker Dimensions
When I contacted VWoA, they referred me to VWoCan; even though the "Tech Specialist" were courteous,...
Re: Assembly Overview Diagrams or IPB
So with the help of German Auto Parts dot com; I have documented all of the parts that I need to fin...
Re: Cannot Get Transmission in Neutral
So, it has been a LONG time. So, as I recall, I took it all back apart and put it all back together;...
1998 AEG Starter
I have a 2000 APH parts car and I was wondering if the starter on it would fit a 1998 AEG; I have re...
Cannot Get Transmission in Neutral
Just put a new clutch in and I cannot find neutral. I can start it and drive around, go through the ...
Assembly Overview Diagrams or IPB
I have the 98 to 09 DVD and was wondering if there is an easy way to find the Assembly Overview Diag...
Loud Speaker Dimensions
I wanted to know the dimensions of the speakers and could not find it in the Repair DVD; where can I...
Re: 1998 Alternator Replacement
OK, I found my original 1998 Bentley Repair Manual and after comparing the wiring diagrams between t...
Re: 2003 New Beetle: How do I replace this Darn Battery?
Taking out the battery is easy, if your NB still has the insulation pad and front cover plate, you n...