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Re: Winnebago shore power charging
How did you remove the convertor? Looks like a big job.
Re: Cleaning windscreen washer jets
Thank you TomB, Just checked and that is precisely the problem.
Cleaning windscreen washer jets
Can someone advise how ro pop off the white plastic grill over jets without breaking? One jet is jus...
Changing front shocks
Anyone done this recently? How necessary is the Counter holder 3079 shown in the manual? Is it reall...
Re: 2003 VW Eurovan transmission.
Seems like GoWesty is the authority on these.
Front brake caliper bolts
Trying to put on new discs. Any tips for loosening those big bolts? We're talking 16 in FNR's.
Intermittent trans lock-up fault 01192
Not seeing any recent posts on this. At 200k now with 40k since fluid and filter change. Is this a s...
forward cat mount end rattling against frame
Anyone else have this? At 190 K we are always listening for noises on the 24 valve VR 6! I think pe...
Brake booster or hose w/check valve?
Trying another long distance diagnosis on daughter's 2002 Eurovan. She complains she has to pump up ...
Re: Please help solve CEL
Emergency here. Daughter reports slapping sound and I'm suspecting SAIP rivets. What about pulling t...