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Radio removal
Audi » TT 2000-2006, Mar 18, 2008
How do you get the radio out? I noticed two slots on the lower part of radio.
Radio locked
Audi » TT 2000-2006, Feb 20, 2008
I have a Bose radio in my TT and I can't get it off of safe mode. In the past I have put the code in...
Re: Radio on Safe
Audi » TT 2000-2006, Feb 11, 2008
Thanks for responding: I have recoded this unit in the past, by using the for mentioned process, bu...
Radio on Safe
Audi » TT 2000-2006, Jan 23, 2008
My radios on safe mode and I pushed the RDS and fm2 button at he same time and nothing happens, so i...
Audi 2000 TT Code P1114
Audi » TT 2000-2006, Mar 13, 2007
I just bought this TT The engine light came on and I came up with this code P1114. When I checked t...