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Re: 99 2.8Q A6 - Sealant Yes/No - Valve Gaskets, Cam Tensioner Gasket and plug
Use sealant. Discreetly. Been and done all of the above.
Re: Febi Transmission Fluid
I have not used Febi ATF but have used Pentosin. ATF1. It was ok but very expensive. SInce then I ha...
'99 2.8 a6 AHA Catastrophic Oil Leak
Hey Guys, Our beloved a6 avant, the one that we thought would live forever, just suffered a major an...
Same issue with my '99 A6 Avant. Had it replaced by the dealer about a year ago. No problems since...
Allroad - Low Range Gearbox
Does anyone know if Audi sold any allroads in the US or Canada with the Low Range option on the gear...
Re: Squeaky Front End
Check the ball joints on the suspension control arms. The grease has been known to dry out after 6 y...
Re: Dipstick Tube
Oops... we're talking about a 1.8T!
Dipstick Tube
I've been looking at a '99 A4, which seems in pretty good condition, except that the oil dipstick tu...
Re: A6 Diagnostic Code
I'm using VAG-COM 409-1. Cheers, PL
Re: A6 Diagnostic Code
I downloaded a copy of VAG-COM from the Ross Tech site. Then I bought a USB VAG-COM cable off ebay f...